Traditional Redwood Plank House at Sumeg Village, a reconstructed Yurok village at Patrick’s Point State Park. Photo courtesy of Rachel Sundberg.


Rachel Veiga
Housing Program Director
O: 707-677-0211 ext. 2714
F: 707-599-5935

The housing department is working to create a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of the community including housing shortages, deteriorating home conditions, overcrowding and accessibility

New and Upcoming Projects

The Trinidad Rancheria is actively pursuing opportunities that would allow for new housing developments in order to increase the number of units available to Tribal Members. New housing projects will include a combination of rental and homeownership options

Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG)

Currently, The Trinidad Rancheria is seeking funding through the Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) which is intended to develop viable Indian and Alaska Native Communities, including decent housing, a suitable living environment and economic opportunities, primarily for low and moderate income persons. If received, The Rancheria will apply these funds to a housing development at the Archer Road property

Tenant Education Program

The housing department is creating a tenant education program with the goals of:

  •  Assisting members in maintaining housing through knowledge of their rights and responsibilities
  • Extending the life and quality of tribal housing through education about proper housing care  

Ongoing Projects


In addition to new developments, The Rancheria has ongoing rehabilitation projects to restore tribal homes to standardized living conditions and increase the useful life of homes. Rehabilitation projects include:

  • Mold remediation
  • Roof improvements/repairs
  • Electrical repairs/improvements
  • Development and rehabilitation of utilities such as on-site water or sewer
  • Improvements to achieve greater energy efficiency

Residential Land Assignment and Housing Ordinances

To ensure stability and security for Tribal Members, the Trinidad Rancheria is updating and revising the Residential Land Assignment and Housing Ordinances. These Ordinances establish procedures to assign parcels of Tribal trust or fee land to members with the intention of preserving and regulating Tribal resources and promoting the timely development and habitation of assigned lots by Tribal Members.