The Members of the Trinidad Rancheria have identified a need to provide programs which stimulate and promote educational goals for Tribal Members. The Tribe recognizes the need to support academic achievement and excellence as benefits the student and the Tribe in its entirety. 

The Higher Education program is designed to assist Tribal Member students to achieve such goals through providing financial assistance to qualified students. Scholarship award levels are based on current funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. There is a $500 maximum award per student per funding cycle. To apply for higher education funding click here.

The intent of the RAP Education Program for K-12 students, is to provide supplemental monies on a reimbursement basis to eligible students, and is not intended to fully fund any one category. Current open categories include tutorial assistance, clothing and extracurricular activities. The maximum annual award will be made available as follows:

  •       Enrolled Tribal Member:                $500.00
  •       Non-enrolled, eligible* youth:       $250.00
  •       Non-enrolled, non-eligible youth:  $150.00

*In order to be considered eligible for enrollment, youth must be a direct lineal descendant of a Base Roll assignee AND not enrolled in another federally recognized Tribe.

To apply for K-12 funding click here.

Additional higher education programs include a one-time Student Loan program for eligible students with a maximum award of $2,500. To apply for a one-time Education Loan and review eligibility requirements click here.

Short term emergency loans to cover unanticipated expenses related to the student’s educational needs, and only to supplement other secured funding not yet released (i.e. scholarships, grants, loans or other funds not yet received) may be awarded pending funding availability. To view eligibility criteria and apply for a short term emergency loan click here.

Scholarships From Outside Agencies
Humboldt Area Foundation
American Indian College Fund
Rodney T. Mathews, Jr. Memorial Scholarship for California Indians