Tribal Fiscal Department

The Trinidad Rancheria Fiscal Department is to protect the Tribes resources from fraud, waste, loss, and misuse while ensuring that timely and reliable financial data are obtained, recorded, maintained, and fairly disclosed in reports to Tribal Council, Tribal Management and Granting Agencies. The accounting system provides for a comparison of expenditures with budgeted amounts and there are procedures for determining reasonableness, allowable and proper allocation of program costs in accordance with Tribal Regulations and / or grant contract provisions.

The Fiscal Department oversees the accounting for the Trinidad Rancheria, and the Seascape Harbor Businesses. The accounting is tracked using the Multiple Operations Management System “MOMS” which is a fund accounting software from Corbin Willits Systems (CWS). Council and management receives monthly financial reports which tracks all expenses in comparison to an approved budget. Management presents quarterly to the Tribal Membership at the Tribal Community Meeting.

The Fiscal Department oversees the budget process for the Trinidad Rancheria and Seascape Harbor Businesses. Fiscal and management work together to create the Tribal Budget that is presented to Council and Tribal membership annually. 

The Tribe is required to submit a Single Audit annually in order to receive Federal and State Funding. The Fiscal Department’s records are reviewed for compliance with OMB Circular 2 cfr part 200 regulations and submitted to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse.

The Fiscal Department is also responsible for all cash flow processes of receivables and payables. Reimbursements from Federal and State Agencies are requested timely and accurately. Payables must follow the approval process and are processed timely. 

Hours of Operation

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Tribal Fiscal Staff

Angela Higley
Chief Financial Officer